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Title : Aviators - When Our Bodies Wash Ashore (Bloodborne Song | Dark Alternative)
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Let There Be Fire is a SoulsBorne inspired album after all, so I looked to Bloodborne once again for inspiration. This time, as a spiritual successor to "No One Will Save You," I've told another sad tale of unfortunate encounters with a higher power. Long ago, an unnamed fisherman hears voices beneath the waves and wanders from his decrepit village out into the Deep, to find ascension in death and to have audience with the mother of the ocean. "When Our Bodies Wash Ashore" is a Lovecraftian tale of madness and unholy infatuation with the deep wonders below.

It's also very nearly a 10 minute song, so I may have gone a little mad myself.

Artwork by the wonderful SeanSoong:

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Are you waking up afraid
Are you brave enough to glance behind the curtain
To use the eyes inside
Have you felt them in your sleep
Have you seen them in a vision that's uncertain
A dream outside your mind

Once come upon in and ancient land
I've heard the tales of an unseen hand
Myths of the otherside that took my breath away
Out in the deep I've seen something real
The mouth of the void that the waves conceal
Speaking low, as my thoughts draw near the fray

When the currents carry on
Lifeless waves we float along
There's a solemn depth below
Deeper truth I cannot know
Our own hastened time has come
In this death our minds are young
When our bodies wash ashore
Sorrow's children nevermore

Are you scared to look behind
Do you feel the breath of sunken apparitions
Awake, impure, divine
Now I'm sure they're coming soon
In the blackness my unholy friend has spoken
Through a shiver in my spine

My own senses wash away
I've let go of my eyes
Grant me life beyond the veil
For this humble sacrifice
You're the next to float along
As we all grow insane
Let the dream pull you below
No more watchers will remain

So bring me close to you
I want to be consumed
I'm transcending yet alive
Grant me vision deep inside
Transformed and unafraid
This earthly vessel fades
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